Thank you, Driveline

Last week I finished up my Summer internship at Driveline to start my position as Graduate Assistant at LSU-Shreveport. After a quick stop in Los Angeles to visit a friend, I made my way to Louisiana and I’ve been getting settled in the past few days.

Working at Driveline is something I had wanted to do since I was in high school. I’d always found the stories of outsiders changing baseball to be incredibly exciting, dating back to reading Moneyball and Tom House books in middle school. However, it wasn’t until I came across Boddy’s writing on the Driveline blog in 2015 that I fully internalized that player development is actually possible and can be accelerated through rigorously tested methods of training. This realization has opened numerous doors for me and has allowed me to form some of the most enriching friendships of my life.

It was an honor to have worked beside everyone at Driveline this Summer. I’ve never been surrounded by such a large group of highly talented and motivated people who have backstories which demonstrate perseverance and willingness to go against the grain that are so ridiculous they seem like they should be fiction. The crew at Driveline are the type of people you’d want next to you in battle. They get shit done, and I already miss seeing them every day. Thank you to Kyle for giving me the opportunity to intern at Driveline, and to everyone who made this past Summer perhaps the best of my life.

What’s next

I’m pumped to get started here in Shreveport to help build a system where we’ll aim to objectively track and accelerate the development of our players. We’re eager to measure our progress and increase the effectiveness of our training methods along the way to help our guys get the most out of their baseball careers. We’ll be doing stuff that is further ahead than many college and pro teams from how we recruit/scout, to how we utilize technology to get on-field results. We’re excited to document as much of this as possible and share what we learn along the way.

I’m also going to get the ball rolling further on the LLC I started earlier this spring, where I’ll sell tools and services to colleges, facilities, and pro teams. More details on all of this to follow, but I have some exciting things in the works I should be able to share this Fall.

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